Course description

This course has been designed to for students that do not much time to study. It provides an opportunity for learners to manage their time in a more effective manner. As well as provides English classes at a more economical rate. This course is especially designed for students who have reached and finished B2+ level of English. It is designed with a step-by-step approach to gradually increase the learner’s abilities in English. It focuses on the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as the use of grammar and related vocabulary. It develops students output by encouraging students to participate and interact with the help of games, songs, tasks, and many other activities. By the end of this course, students will able to express themselves at an advanced level and be prepared to take the certificate in advanced English examination from the University of Cambridge.

The main course components
The main part of the teaching material is divided into 6 modules, each module consists of 2 units, each unit has a duration of 20 hours. Classes are either on Saturday or Sunday (8.00 -10.30, 11:00 – 13.30, and 14:00 – 16:30) one day a week. The main part of the teaching material is divided into 6 modules. The Course book provides input in reading, speaking, listening with guidance for writing tasks as well. Every unit contains vocabulary development activities and a rapid review of essential grammar. There is a regular focus on everyday functions and every other unit there is a practice guide for a University of Cambridge examination (KEY, PET, FCE, CAE).


Student Testimonial
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